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What would you do if your business…your dream…was struck by a major catastrophe? If a fire broke out and destroyed everything, would you be protected?

At Alberta Onsite Fire and Safety Inspections Inc. we provide preventative maintenance that utilizes a series of thorough on-site inspections and informational advisories, and our services are guaranteed. You can save 30% on your annual fire maintenance budget while still receiving guaranteed priority service with our Priority Customer agreement.

Fire Equipment Specialists

We consider ourselves to be specialists in the fire equipment services industry and pride ourselves on using preventative maintenance trending techniques that are at the cutting edge of the industry. We can identify the types of specialty equipment you’re using, inspect and maintain your fire assets, and work with you on developing an effective plan of action for employees in the event of a fire.


Prevent Damage and Save Lives

Alberta Onsite Fire and Safety Inspections provides an evidence-based asset management service which assigns a barcode to all safety devices at your location. We guarantee publication of an online report within 24 hours or less that identifies all equipment that we service or inspect. Don’t wait until after tragedy strikes to prepare your property and its occupants for a safety emergency. Performing regularly scheduled inspections of your safety and fire equipment and having an evacuation plan in place can prevent damage and save lives.


Be Prepared

“Hope for the best, prepare for the worst." These words have been attributed to historical figures from Lao Tzu to Napoleon, and it’s possible that they all said it because it’s excellent advice. It’s always better to have fire inspection programs, job risk assessments, disaster preparedness projects in place before they are needed.

Training and Inspection Services

At Alberta Onsite Fire and Safety Inspections we provide inspection services at your location to determine risk assessment for machinery, workers and manufacturing plants. We can identify functional and occupational hazards before they can cause physical or financial harm.

Fire REACT Plan

Don’t Wait

It is especially important that offices, manufacturing plants, nursing homes and other locations that host large groups of people have a professional assessment done to determine their preparedness in case of fire, natural disaster, or other emergency situation. Don’t wait for the unthinkable to happen before you act. Call Alberta Onsite Fire and Safety Inspections today at 403-815-9527.


Regular Inspection and Maintenance

There are some dangers, such as tornadoes and earthquakes that can be planned for but not prevented, however other hazards can be prevented with regular inspection and maintenance. Access to clean water is taken for granted by most of us, but public water systems can be contaminated by pollutants and toxins that enter the water supply through poor or improper plumbing practices.

Prevent Water Contamination

Water contamination can occur if a contaminant is allowed to backflow into the water distribution system. In order for this to happen two conditions must apply: First, a cross connection must exist and second, water pressure must drop to an unsafe level.

Identify Potential Sources of Backflow

A cross connection is any point at which it is possible for the water supply to come into contact with a pollutant. Every water system has any number of cross connections that can be a potential source of contamination. Alberta Onsite Fire and Safety Inspections can ensure that your water supply remains safe and reliable.


Alberta Onsite Fire and Safety Inspections has expanded our services for clients in the Calgary area. Call us for:

  • Calgary fire extinguisher recharge
  • Calgary fire hydrant services
  • Calgary fire alarm inspection
  • Emergency lighting in Calgary
  • Calgary backflow prevention
  • Calgary cross-connection


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